Teisha Marie

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Soulful. Eclectic. Inviting. Welcome to the official website of international singer-songwriter Teisha Marie.  Relax! Take a look around. Return.

Who's talking about Teisha Marie?

" Teisha Marie adds the right amount of sugar and spice with her inviting lyrics." - Butta (SoulBounce.com

" ...a solid, no-nonsense sassy style that is poised to grip your imagination - using warm melodies that settle us back in the memories of yesteryear, the shuffling beats that set it apart..." Barry Towler (Soulchoonz.com

"The Girl From Nowhere experiments with hip-hop, jazz, and rock." Marcus J. Moore (Washington City Paper)

"The Girl From Nowhere is her amazing follow up and it is even deeper, funkier and more personal than ever. Groove ranging between synth laden electrofunk, smooth 2-steppers and just straight up soul with lyrics so heartfelt that seem to be from her most personal diary. " - Duane Powell (KevinNottingham.com

" Producer/Singer Teisha Marie delivers a project akin to a sociology study with her recent release The Girl from Nowhere. Dive into her world by pressing play on this uniquely introspective album and immerse yourself in it’s soundtrack." - DJ Rahdu (Bamalovesoul.com )

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