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My Musical Baby

It’s Tuesday, June 25, 2013 – My official musical birthday for my 3rd project/2nd album, The Girl from Nowhere. I release this album on the tragic transition anniversary of Michael Jackson. He was a big influence on me and continues to be a source of inspiration. His laser-like precision for excellence and love for people is unforgettable.

The Girl from Nowhere...

It took 3 years to make this album. It took that long not because I had nothing to say, but because I had to fund this album with a music teacher's salary.

 The Girl from Nowhere....It started as a title inspired by the movie, Girl Interrupted. The title evolved when I thought about how I felt different throughout my life and when I decided to embrace my uniqueness. Picture it - A girl used to being around diversity gets thrown into a zone where everything is homogenized. Air Force brat! Then, I starting thinking about where I came from and how we sometimes struggle to find our purpose and place in this world. Nerdy tomboy was me! I still don't know all the reasons I was put on this Earth, but I know that music is a part of it.

Musically, this album is a reflection of my ears and heart. Hip-hop, samba, classical, Go-Go, R&B, pop, rock, gospel, jazz, acapella - it's all woven into this album. I majored in music history/theory at Spelman College and I pretty much dig every genre but death metal! No offense to you, if that's your thing...                    

This album is dedicated to Abbey Lincoln (1930-2010), Marlon Riggs (1957-1994), and my friend/fellow musician Derrick “D. Marq” Smith (1979-2012) . They did not ASK for permission to be , they just were, and were life-changers for many people.  I get song ideas from my own experiences, t.v./movies, people watching, cooking, books, washing clothes - yes, exciting, right?


  •  the guy (not a size 2 himself) who told me I was the biggest girl he ever dated...
  •  The robots I see at work who constantly complain but don't really try to change their situation....
  •   My disgust for the way women treat each other on "reality" shows
  •  My anthem for work zombies who want out
  •  My ode to GOD

and so many other songs that I wrote to strengthen, heal and motivate myself and others.  Many times, I worked 12-hour days then off to the studio, wrap up a session at 2, 3 or 4 a.m. , go home, sleep for 30 minutes or 2 hours, (4 hours on a good night) and wake up and do it all again. It’s hard to tear away from something you passionately love!

I collaborated with some great artists and producers on this album - Deborah Bond, Frank Javois, AB The Pro, Kenny Wesley, Ama Live!, Robert "Snúhgie" Stocks, Antagonist, Barrington "Barry" Talbert, Ahmed Sirour, JIm B., Jamal Cherry, Anton Genius, Frank Javois and Melyon. I had the chance to work with some phenomenal musicians as well, including, Kolai, Robbie McDonald, Marcus Burke, Jerel Abraham and Steve Walker.

Oh, and some girl named Teisha Marie played some instruments and produced a few songs too.

Please know that there's strength in our differences. If you feel alone, know that you're not. In our differences, there are similarities. We all know joy and pain and the nuances that are in between. Shine your light! There’s only ONE you!

It's been a beautiful experience making this music.

Faith. Ballet. Stevie Wonder. Poetry. Children’s Church Choir. Piano. Fat laces. MJ. Whitney. Strawberries. Fraggle Rock. Gertrude & Raymond McKie. Eloise & Dallas Rome. Carebears. Blue, pink & orange. Love. Violin. Neon. CDs & Tapes. Spelman College. These are some of the makings of me.

If I had never been allowed to explore my father’s extensive record collection or was never given a journal by mother, or never took a poetry class or a violin, piano or voice lesson, never went to Spelman College and became a Hidden Beach intern – which allowed to meet Ahmed Sirour (who provided the music for “Addicted to Life”) and Khary Shirley (who pushed me to get on stage – not knowing if I could really sing), and was never thrown on the spot by my cousin Roger Rome at his wedding – of all places! – I cannot tell you who I would be. I‘ve recorded another chapter of new sounds to share my story with you.

Take a listen. Share your story. Get to know The Girl from Nowhere.

 My bundle of joy!

My bundle of joy!

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