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As we mourn, I wonder where is the morning?

No parent aspires for their child to be reduced to just a hashtag
or the reason a teddybear is tied to a tree
or the reason sneakers openly suspend for all seasons
for countless, racist, self-hatred, insanity-drenched reasons
we must again attempt to reason
and grieve and determine when we will see the land of the free and the home of the brave
For no bravery exists when shooting an unarmed citizen
Yet again another human with melanin is dismissed as just another worthless target
Promise and legacy instantly extinguished
by those distinguishably draped in fear and a veil of entitlement
Wondering where freedom and equality went?
Oh, I remember, we've never received that present
And presently we resemble the past
How can we plan for the future if we're not preserved to last?

© 2016 Teisha Marie McKie.

© 2018  Teisha Marie Music LLC