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Look Back At It

I LOVE progression. The theme of progression is woven all through my music and I’m ecstatic to announce that I’m in the performance lineup for the 2014 Capital Jazz Fest Supercruise ℠! It’s a beautiful thing to elevate with continual forward motion, but, every so often, it’s great to reflect to see how far you’ve come.  Whether you reflect by measuring inches you’ve lost from December to April, or by looking at old pictures or rereading old journal entries, you can find strength and peace (through the laughter, tears, anger and amazement) in looking back and knowing that where you were isn’t where you are now. Gratitude waits for you daily to pick it up and share it with others.

 Since 2009, I’ve talked about making The Girl from Nowhere and in June 2013, The Girl from Nowhere was born! If I had to compare the experience of making an album to anything, I would say it’s like cooking a 5-course meal for 100 people blindfolded. You know what you want to do and you can taste it, but you’ve got to prepare without being able to “see” what happens afterwards.  So you throw yourself into the moment, cooking with passion, and then serve your food with no idea as to who will like it.  I was looking back at my process of creation with my latest “ meal” and decided to keep it lighthearted.  So today, I’m serving up the “behind the scenes” from The Girl from Nowhere. Bon Appétit and thank you for dining with me!    

Top 7 Sayings from The Girl from Nowhere Sessions

7. "Can we get Frank on it?" (Hear Frank Javois on bass - "Match My Words", "W.Y.O.R.", "Fast Forward (Saturday)" - he produced it, "Purpose", and "Enough" - www.frankjavois.com )

6. "Fishy, fishy" (In the studio - sometimes you get "cabin fever". McDonald's had a Fillet-O-Fish campaign with a catchy hook - ha! pun! Barry (drummer/producer on many TGFN songs) and Niko used to sing it randomly!

5. "Pout Du Mond!" (I don't speak French and probably didn't spell it right, but the owner/chief engineer of  Sweet Spot Studio, Nikolas Laget, does, and when his Mac was acting up with color wheel cameos - out came these words!)

4. "Can't make it, I got a studio session." (Goodness takes time and I had to take much of it away from the rest of my life for this special moment!)

3. "Can I have more tea, please?" (Keeping vocal chords hydrated and warm is key when singing.

2. "More tracks!" (Layers of harmonies - yum!)

1."S*&t!" (When you're back at the studio after having 4-5 hours of sleep and working an 8-hour day as a music teacher, sometimes you mess up recording the words that you wrote! Fs become Ss and sleep looks like Idris Elba to ya!)

I’m thinking about my next project and who knows what journey awaits, but I’ m growing and glad about it! How does your garden grow? Let me know!

Shine Love,

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