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T I M E...

Time …. “keeps on tickin’, it’s on our side, it waits for no one…to make a change”.

When New Years’ rolls around I thank God for another one and keep it moving because I don’t do resolutions. I set goals. I admit, the fluctuation of weather knocked me off my course a little, okay, maybe a lot, but I’ve recently recommitted to them. What did it? Every day on my drive to work, I observe how nature has changed. After a CRAZY DC area winter, where I once saw barrenness, I now see flowers growing and buds on trees. What it means to me is that anything is possible with effort. So, I am making a stronger effort to get me together. Music is always in the mix, creating and practicing are things I do regularly, but like lasagna, I've got many layers!

The internal me has improved vastly (and will be ever-evolving), but since spring is here (*Snoopy dance*), it’s time to spruce up the external me. The retainer I don’t wear as often as I should? Check. New moisturizer? Check. The fitness class I've been "planning" to sign up for - 6 months ago? Check.  I’m around me 23/6, what about YOU? What’s happening? Time moves. You can too. My dear brother suggested that I mention that as long as you’re breathing, there is never such a thing as “running out of time.”Maybe you want to… make that dreaded phone call, leave that job, take that trip,  or make muffin tops into flatbread ;). Maybe your goal is bigger than the “average” and involves changing the lives of nearly everyone you know. You know what? It’s not impossible. It’s said that timing is everything but have you ever thought everyone is in time?  Hear/see the signs. What time is it for you?

Shine Love,

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