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Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for - in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.
— Ellen Goodman


It's the subject of countless songs, some people love it and others hate it, but everyone has to work at something.  I've been working since I was 12 (yes, you read it right!) in restaurants, daycare centers, office buildings, schools, stores, theatres and many other places.

I thought about how many hours of my life I've spent working and how many hours I've had the pleasure to spend leisurely. Hence the lyric from my song "Fast Forward (Saturday)”, Sometimes Monday through Friday can be so mundane"   Last week, it was a 50-hour workweek, and only 10 of those hours were spent enjoying my home, spending time with family or opting to do absolutely "nothing". Please don't misunderstand me, I have no problem with working but to quote my fellow singer-songwriter, Nila Kay, "…I just hate when work feels like work." I’ve never been “normal” by anyone’s conventional standards.  The convention of “normal” was one of the many reasons why I created “The Girl from Nowhere.”

When I create and perform music, it doesn't EVER feel like work. I agree that anything worth having is worth working for, but I'm always asking myself "What is my "IT" and what is IT worth to me?" Right now, my "IT" is music but ultimately, my "IT" is creating and sharing. As an independent artist/teacher/whatever duty calls for, answers as to the best way to go about IT don't always come easy, but I know that when I begin to feel uneasy about starting my day, something has to change. I'm seeking to live my BEST life not a stressed life. My dreams are worth chasing! What about yours?

Shine Love,

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