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A Woman's Work...

“B*t&h” is the #1 word I hear on reality TV shows centered around women that aren’t family members.Shows like Real Housewives (pick any city), Basketball Wives, Love & Hip-Hop, and, did I mention that most of the women on these “wife” shows aren’t married? But I digress… Here’s the truth -   Fact: Women CAN get along. Here’s another fact:“Enough”, from The Girl from Nowhere, was inspired by my disgust at how women on “reality” shows treat each other. I had a great time working with Deborah Bond and AMA LIVE! on this song. During our creative process, no jealousy, attitudes or fakery was involved.  In fact, we should have set up a trans-Atlantic campground and sung, “Kum By Yah”.

As we come to the close of Women’s History Month, I wanted to share what I love about women. My mom’s one, I’m one and I went to college with 2,000 of them (Spelman College – true blue love)!

1.I love our minds. Brothas, that’s not to say that I don’t admire yours, but when women think and act, there’s no such thing as no and impossible doesn’t exist.Cleopatra, Bessie Coleman, Ida B. Wells, Marian Anderson, Lena Horne, Abbey Lincoln, Shirley Chisholm are just some of my many shining SHEROES!

2.I love our intuition. It’s why grandma or mom sent you an extra care package in college, why some boyfriends or girlfriends aren’t in your life anymore, and may be why you’re married now. Women just know what they know. Trust it.

3.I love our hearts.Women love fiercely and unapologetically. When a woman loves you, it’s evident. It’s not just home-cooked meals or random cards. When I reflect on the relationships with the women in my life, I’m reminded that I have been yanked out of abusive relationships, had hair hooked up, and laughed til’ I cried from that love.

 What you love about women?

(Cue up the theme music: Enough is "ENOUGH".)

Shine Love,

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