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I will keep on climbing higher/I feel so inspired

 – “Black Hole” (The Girl from Nowhere)

Being an artist is not for the fainthearted (shoot, being human isn’t for the weak either).  You bare your soul for all on record, on stage and off (especially in the digital age)!  When I do interviews, the question I’m most often asked is – what inspires you? My answer – everything! I’m an observer. Whether it’s a conversation I overheard in the grocery store, a movie, a book, a magazine, a song…I get inspired! “Show and Tell” from The Girl from Nowhere, was inspired by my struggle with procrastination and people who complain about their lack of growth, criticize others for wanting growth and never try to change.  Yeah, some things inspire me more than others, but life is my muse. You’re probably thinking, ‘Teisha, you’re an artist, you’re SUPPOSED to be easily inspired.’  Okay, well what do you do when nothing rocks you? When a smile just ain’t enough and Pharrell’s “Happy” doesn’t move you east nor west? Secret. I’ve been there.   When inspiration has its expiration, break out the randomness!  Here are some surefire cures from firsthand experience:

#1 – Children

They will say exactly what’s on their mind and could care less about your agenda when they have their own. Don’t believe me? Check out Matteo on YouTube.  I love the inquisitive nature of children, especially toddlers. They know no fear, no regret and rarely take “no” for an answer. Talk to a child and see how you feel afterwards.

#2 – Travel

A roadtrip will help you clear your head. Going to a new place for no particular reason can be refreshing!  A game I like to play on the road - “Sing That Song”!  Pick a station you rarely (or never) listen to and wait for a song you know. I learned K.C. and The Sunshine Band’s “Get Down Tonight” because my cousin taught the words to the 9-year old me on a roadtrip to North Carolina.   As a result, I have no problem singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” at the top of my lungs today. As cliché as it is, the destination is as important as the journey. Can’t go far via car, plane, boat or train? Sometimes taking a walk will do it for you -  ask Jill!

#3 – Nature

The seasons and their scents affect me. Fall in Philly is a beautiful thing and summer in Texas makes you wish you could evaporate. There’s a certain “feeling” and  “look” to each season. Spring is here and cherry blossoms will soon grace DC! Hearing (the birds and bees) and seeing nature (the flowers blooming and watching birds of a feather that really do flock together) can change your perspective on things.

Teddy P. had his and Anita had hers. What’s your inspiration? Take a moment to recognize it! Happy Spring!

Shine Love,

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