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Going Solo

Guess what?  I’m single.  And I’m okay with it.  To everything there’s a time and season and currently, flying solo feels good.

Shows like Being Mary Jane and Scandal try to capture a page (read: sentences) from the lives of single women but that isn’t every woman’s story! The term “single woman” does not mean desperation, confusion or dysfunction.

In the past, when it came to relationships I often went through them blindly.  I didn’t pay attention to my needs or theirs and just went along until things “naturally” ended. See "Unavailable" and "K.O.N." from my album, Addicted to Life.  After one blindfold too many, I had to look in the mirror and fall in love with the woman I saw.  What did she want?  What were her thoughts, feelings, dreams and desires? It’s been a journey but I am glad to say I am here!  I decided to stop choosing by default and move forward to make an effort to make the best selection.  I’ve had offers and coupons (ha ha!), but I refuse to settle.  Oh, and balancing work/life ain’t easy but I take myself on dates weekly and pray/meditate daily.  Before music and family, my spiritual life is the love of my life - “The love of THE ONE/greater than anything I’ve ever seen or done”. When I was creating music for The Girl from Nowhere, I wrote “The One”, about my love for God because HE loved me long before I attempted to love myself. 

Now, I do sometimes wonder if I’d be able to do all I do if I was a wife and mother and I conclude that yes, I would be able to fully exist/live because of what I live for.  The more I grow the more I’ll have to give and until the best selection is made, I’ll be the “single lady” with the smile!

Shine Love,

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