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Yonder come day/day done broke/into my soul/yonder come day
— "Yonder Come Day", as sung by Bessie Smith and the Georgia Sea Island singers

  Try this on for thought:  If you could  "see" your soul, what would it look like? Is daylight in it?

As a teacher, each day I'm watering "plants" with hopes of seeing growth but the harvest date is unknown.  Talk about frustration! Weather conditions aren't always the best and some of my "plants" show absolutely no sign of receiving light but I try daily to shine it anyway.  I wrote "Strive" from a place of frustration and my desire for change. The lyrics, "I won't forget this experience/ I do appreciate the present tense",  echo the cliche,  "Bloom where you're planted".  I know where I wanna be and I'm not quite there just yet, but I'm not where I was and in this moment, I will bloom and share daylight with others. 

What's your "day"?  Is it seeing your loved one happy? A special "sick day"? Turning up the car radio and singing at the top of your lungs? Dancing in the grocery store? Please stay addicted to life. You never know who's watching you or who needs you. This is the day, YOUR day. Add some light and enjoy it!

    Shine Love,

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