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Independence Day

Love is a word that is sometimes overused, misused and occasionally, a word not strong enough to truly convey one's true feelings.

Love is a constant "go-to" topic for songwriters.  Whether you have it, had it, trying to build it up or trying to get it back, it's something that everyone can relate to.  I tend to write about my love for God, my love of people and my love for life because those are my constants. As for romantic love, it’s rarely been my forte.  Yes, I’ve experienced beautiful moments but I’ve never felt like I had a true counterpart in love.  Simply put, there were many times when I didn't value myself like I should have and just readily went along with things that weren't good for me.   I can’t say that all of the men I was romantically involved with took time to truly love me, but I can't blame them for what little they did see of the true me because the truth was - I didn't know me.  Tired of taking repeated missteps, I began to take time to know me and love me.  The uncertainty you hear on “Addicted to Life – The LP” is an aural snapshot of my mindstate during that time.  Honoring yourself is a must and each day I become a little older and a little wiser about my purpose and my direction.

As an independent artist, I truly LOVE creating music.  Whether in the studio with just me and the engineer or singing to a crowd of 20 or 2000, I love creating and sharing music.  I'm an independent artist who also holds down a full-time job and a part-time job, so my time to "find" love is limited.  Instead of searching, I try to give love wherever I am.  Complimenting my elders, smiling at a child, and wearing a new dress “just because” are a few ways I’ve found to do it.  Giving love is an action I have to practice daily.  Without it, my days don't go right, road rage and 8-hour long frowns ensue.  I love to sing/create and enjoy acting, but I don't want to star in an ongoing drama.  My mother always says, "It takes longer to do something wrong than it does to it right."

To me passion is a sprint but love is a marathon and a relay race. I just wished I starting running sooner but all I have is this moment. Keeping the pace!

Shine Love,

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