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Soulful. Eclectic. Inviting. Welcome to the official website of international singer-songwriter Teisha Marie.  Relax! Take a look around. Return.

Extended Thanks - TGFN


I, Teisha Marie and am truly thankful! It's been a journey! 

To the Most High, I humbly thank you for giving me breath of life and allowing me to walk in this part of my purpose. I pray this small offering reaches where/who YOU want it to go to.

This album is dedicated to Abbey Lincoln (1930-2010), Marlon Riggs (1957-1994), and Derrick “D. Marq” Smith (1979-2012) – Thank you for Harmony Bear.  Each of you touched so many, lived truly well and did so without “permission”. I’m infinitely inspired!

My heart of hearts, advisors/teachers/and then some: Cynthia and Jesse McKie, glad to know/love you & be loved by you. I hope to reflect your light & beyond. Reggie (Ade), Sadiq (Born Righteous) and Trevor (Mr. Prudent): I never stop learning from you. I’m trying to be a better sister. Thank you for your love, faith and help! ! I know I get on your nerves! It’s all for a good cause! Melanie – If not for you, I wouldn’t have gone to Spelman! True Blue Love! Lady C – Taking Vogue notes! Jabari & Kamau, True, Imani, Amari, Aleem, Dejan & Kofi, Myles & Lauren, ‘Yana & Z, Graylon & Shaylin, Jailah & EJ – Love you! BE divinely you! Dream/believe, desire, work hard & be kind!  TBT – An unexpected gift. I’m forever appreciative of your presence. T. Trout – Welcome to a new pond! Swim on! Thanks for your light. Tiffany & Maurice Yeldell  - Congratulations and forever together! Love you both! Keep being mirrors! , Treva & Antoine Paris- Your love inspired - "At This Time".   Thank you for loving me!  Catrice D. - I  am STILL looking for the world's best cheesecake! Love you! Khary: Look what your push did! Can't wait to come to your wedding! ;) Kyla: You are more powerful than you know. Your light is needed! Keep it on! All of my fam (Rome, McKie,  Hawes, Roberts, Roberson, Griffin, Peele, Hogue, Wooten, Tobias, Paris, Bowden, Butler, Baker, Anderson, Porter, Grigsby, Parks, Smith, Boateng, Williams , Walker, Harvey FAMILY) & friends (TOO many to list) you should know who you are. You’re loved & appreciated! Thanks for the sunlight. I hope I’ve helped you grow too. To my Spelman College Sisters: Beacons of heavenly light, undaunted by the fight! To Pastor Goode and the Fellowship of Prayer, International Family: Faith the size of a mustard seed … Thank you for the love!

To my SOUL MATES/supporters, keep SHINING! We’re the same in our diversity. Love & light helps us see and grow. Thank you for sharing this experience with me. See you soon! Thanks for listening! If you like what you hear, tell it to the world!

To the people who helped The Girl from Nowhere visually – Aisha Massac – Thank you for letting me shine my light outside! Beautiful work! Darnelle Creese of CreeseIVHair – You did it with excellence! I never expect less from you! , Theo Wilhite – Thank you for your quick thinking! , Ajani Truth – You got the sureshot! Thanks for capturing my vision exactly as it was meant to be! Shuhei Matsuyama – WOW! Breathtaking! One conversation and you produced a masterpiece!

To all of The Girl from Nowhere producers/musicians/artists: (AB - Chameleon, Ahmed Sirour – Passport – Where’s Ahmed? Tune in next week! ;), Ama Live! – UK Carebear & Fairy Sister – Thank you for all of the positive energy!, Antagonist Dragonspit – Preachscholartistivist – 808s, Bibles & paintbrushes – yes!, Anton Genius – Colt 45 & BBQ Sauce, Barrington “Barry” Talbert – Faith/Purpose Prodigy – GLOW!, Deborah Bond – Sophistication and Sweetness, Derrick “D. Marq” Smith (RIP) – A Joy Thermostat – Thank you for the endless laughter and I will “do it for the people”!, Frank Javois – Stealth and Soul, Kenny Wesley – NerdSTAR Supernova, Marcus Burke – Mr. Piano – You will go far!,  Jamal “J. Palm” Cherry – A city within a city! Thanks for letting me hear some sounds! We gotta do it again! Melyon – Nails – You got it done!, Kolai – Sound Scientist/Angel, Robbie McDonald – Musical Rubix Cube – We must work again!, Robert “Snúhgie” Stocks – 1939 & SoulTrain, Steve Walker – Smoothly Underestimated!) Jerel Abraham - Sounds good like always!  Everyone - you got it right, the sounds, the vision, the energy! We did it! Thank you!!! To the mixing/mastering team: Nicolas Laget (Sweet Spot Studio) – Thank you for the countless listens and positive energy!  You are a sound angel! You pushed me and let me push you too. I don’t take that lightly! Andrew Souter (Galbanum Sounds) – Can I have some grilled veggies next time? Ha ha! Thank you for taking my baby and making her sonically stellar!

To all of the DJs, journalists, and music aficionados (online & off) - Soulbounce.com, Soultrain.com, Soultracks.com, Liberated Muse, Jamil Jasey, EJ Flavors, DJ Barry King, Garth Trinidad,Okayplayer.com, Lady Mamalade, Stacy'e Jones, Applejac, Imani Kamal, DJ Christoss, Keanna Faircloth, SoulCity Radio, Nathan “DJ SD” Williams, WPFW 89.3,  James Lewis of Reflections Radio,  D. Miller & the Nu-Soul Collective, Gilles Peterson, Danielle aka Vivrant Thang, THEFLOW, Godfrey Fletcher aka DJ Niceness - Neo2soul, Marcia Carr, DJ COA – Come of Age, Alysia Cutting Cosby – WEIB 106.3 FM,KAZI 88.7, RadioBombo.com,"Raw and Uncut" Radio, Julio Pérez Padrón, Mirco "Many" Cibin , Stevie Soul, WHUR 96.3, Eric May – Got Soul Sessions Radio, Danceteria, Alfie da Funkjunkie, Radio48.com, Brian Hurst, DJ 2TRUU of WEAA 88.9, Kenny Thomas – Midnight Soul Radio, DJ Tha General, Leigh Taylor of The Flava, and anyone else who help spread the word about lil’ ole me – THANK YOU!  If I missed anyone, I am sorry! My upgraded memory hasn’t come yet! Ha!



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