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Soulful. Eclectic. Inviting. Welcome to the official website of international singer-songwriter Teisha Marie.  Relax! Take a look around. Return.

What do you get with a dash of Stevie Wonder, and Aretha Franklin, a pinch of Nancy Wilson, Al Green and a cupful of quirk?

You get Teisha Marie (Tea-e-sha Marie).

This England-born, US-raised singer presents a new recipe for soulful sounds that has been hailed by music fans and critics around the globe. Music site Soulbounce.com calls Teisha Marie’s sound “jazzy, soulful, and seductive”, while the classic music brand SoulTrain.com has called her music “refreshingly honest”, a “perfect alternative to abrasive mainstream themes”.

But, despite her undeniable talent and charisma, Teisha Marie’s emergence as a rising music star was almost by accident. The Spelman College graduate completed her first project in 2007, Addicted to Life - the EP, only after writing the songs for someone else to sing.

"I wrote the songs intending to sell them to other artists but couldn't find anyone reliable to demo my music,” Teisha Marie recalls.  “So, I ended up singing out of necessity, and decided to distribute the project to try and create a profile to sell my songs.”

The result was instant attention.

Teisha Marie has been featured on popular music blogs and her music widely shared via social media networks. Digital spaces such as Okayplayer and Singersroom named her as “one to watch.” Her subsequent follow-up  - Addicted to Life - The LP, produced hits such as, "Addicted to Life" and "Open" which led to invitations to perform her songs on stages across the country. Teisha Marie has been featured at numerous events, including the International Soul Summit, The Can A Sista Rock a Mic festival, the Capital Hip Hop Soul Festival, and others. She has performed at numerous venues, including Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar in New York, and Bohemian Caverns in Washington DC, to name a few.

Her growth and momentum as a performance and recording artist only continues with the release of her long-awaited second album, The Girl from Nowhere, released on June 25th, 2013. This new project relies on Teisha Marie’s talent to sonically connect with her audience while also sharing a very personal side of who she is. With this new music collection, she takes listeners on an eclectic soul journey that challenges and inspires them to reach for their dreams while being true to who they are. 

 "This album is for the person who likes to put their iPod on shuffle,” Teisha explains. “It’s not necessarily a different genre of music, but my delivery is different. The album is based, in part, on my experience as a world traveler, raised by parents in the military. People always ask, 'Where are you from?' and 'What do you do?' but I never felt like I was from anywhere.  The album is inspired by my feeling like the outsider a lot of time—alienation in love and life and the strength you find in being different and how in your difference you aren’t alone."

Displaying her ability as a musician and producer on The Girl From Nowhere, Teisha Marie is clearly defining her brand of eclectic soul.  Her latest journey includes production/appearances from Kenny Wesley, Deborah BondAhmed Sirour, Frank Javois, Robert "Snúhghie" Stocks, AntonGenius, Robbie McDonald, ABthePRO, Chris "Antagonist" LeCount, Barrington "Barry" Talbert and Jamal Cherry.  With an ever-evolving musical passport, Teisha Marie hopes to continue touching audiences with her passionate vocals and a mission to serve, as evidenced by her raw and emotionally-compelling lyrics.

 "As a singer-songwriter, I write and create from my experiences. I want my music to be used as a tool to motivate, strengthen and heal,” Teisha says. “If audiences don't feel inspired at the end of my show, then I need to work harder."

Eclectic. Intriguing. Delicious. Teisha Marie has Soul and Substance.

Get to know The Girl from Nowhere.

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